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    Stranger Things…

    July 17th, 2016

    Je viens de voir les 8 épisodes de Stranger Things, la nouvelle série de Netflix et c’est vraiment pas mal, une bonne surprise avec de très bons acteurs (Winona Ryder notamment), je vous la conseille, vous ne serez pas déçu, voici le pitch “Stranger Things is set in Hawkins, Indiana in the mid-’80s. It revolves around the sudden and inexplicable disappearance of a local boy named Will, who vanishes into thin air one night after seeing something strange in the woods. The very next morning, a terrified young girl in a hospital gown stumbles into town. Unable to speak and seemingly baffled by everything around her, this girl (who we’ll come to know as “Eleven”) joins forces with Will’s pals to help track their friend down and find out where she came from”


    Click on the picture for higher resolution 😉


    June 9th, 2015

    J’ai regardé les 3 premiers épisodes hier soir et c’est assez Lost-ique 😀 Je ne sais pas trop où on va, mais c’est assez intriguant 😀 Voici le pitch pour ceux que ça intéresse “Sense8 tells the story of eight strangers. Each individual is from a different culture and part of the world. In the aftermath of a tragic death they all experience through what they perceive as dreams or visions, they suddenly find themselves growing mentally and emotionally connected. While trying to figure how and why this connection happened and what it means, a mysterious man named Jonas tries to help the eight. Meanwhile, another stranger called Whispers attempts to hunt them down, using the same sensate power to gain full access to a sensate’s mind (thoughts/sight) after looking into their eyes”


    Click on the picture for higher resolution 😉