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    Let’s meet Choi Hyuna!!!

    Je vous propose une nouvelle interview made in Korea avec la sympathique et ravissante Choi Hyuna. Les puristes s’en souviendront sûrement, j’avais fait un billet (ici) et elle avait participé au concours de Miss Maxim Korea l’an passé. J’ai eu la chance de discuter un peu avec elle ces derniers jours et voici quelques questions-réponses afin de mieux connaitre Hyuna. Je la remercie pour sa grande disponibilité et sa gentillesse, Thanks Hyuna 😉


    Cut: Hi Hyuna, can you briefly introduce you?
    Hyuna: Hi, I’m Hyuna, I’m 23years old (24 in Korean age). I was born on August 27, 1990. I majored in fashion, design and art. I like to redesign clothes and hopefully create something nice. My hobbies are watching to US and Japanese drama and animation. It’s of great help in studying foreign languages. These days, l’m relaxing and enjoying summer vacations. I’m also currently studying English and Japanese, and doing some exercise too to take care of my body.

    Cut: We learnt about you via Maxim Korea last year where you reach the semi-finals, can you describe the Maxim experience?
    Hyuna: Last year in May, I was at a convenience store and bought Maxim magazine by chance. I bought it because of the cover which was impressive. The content too was fascinating, I had fun reading it and watching the ads. I decided to participate in the contest as it seemed to be a good opportunity to boost my modeling career, challenge myself and test people interest. I had no great expectations, but I advanced to the next round, then quarter-finals and finally semi-finals. When I first saw my pictures in Maxim, I was so excited. I didn’t win the contest but it was an exciting experience, it was like a dream ^^

    Cut: You were in the last 4 girls at the end, how did you feel about it?
    Hyuna: Frankly it’s just amazing that I was a semi-finalist because as I mentioned before, I did not have high expectations. When I think about it now, it is an honor.

    Cut: Maxim is now quite popular in Korea, do some people recognize you sometimes in the street? Maybe some come to speak to you?
    Hyuna: Certainly Maxim is popular in South Korea. Friends are joking and called me “Entertainer”. But people do not seem to recognize me. I think because I don’t use makeup much. kkk… Xb

    Cut: Did you ever pose for other magazines before or was it the first time for you?
    Hyuna: It was first time for me. I have been working a bit as a model, but my pictures were only posted on the Internet. Maxim Korea was my first time in a magazine. 🙂

    Cut: Do you have specific plans now for the rest of the year?
    Hyuna: Yes, as I want to improve my English and Japanese skills, I will take the TOEIC test. And I hope to get the JLPT N2. To do so, I need to study a lot. I got the JLPT N3 last winter and N2 is my goal for this winter. I also plan to do more activities in modeling.

    Cut: Is there a place in Seoul you would recommend, a place that foreigners should absolutely visit?
    Hyuna: If you want to feel young, you go to Gangnam. Too many clubs in there. :b

    Cut: Have you ever been to France before? Any plans maybe to come in a near future?
    Hyuna: No, I’ve never been to France. In fact I’ve never been overseas. If I have money, I would like to travel and visit some countries. I’m wondering what the culture of France is and how beautiful it is.

    Cut: Thanks, any final world for the French readers?
    Hyuna: I’m concerned with my English skills, I hope I did well. Thank you to all for reading with interest. Please love and support me in the future. I love you!! XD♡



    Crédit Photos: Maxim Korea and Hyuna ;)

    9 Réponses vers “Let’s meet Choi Hyuna!!!”

    1. Titi says:

      Tiens, je ne me souvenais plus qu’elle s’était assise sur mes genoux 😀 😀

    2. @Titi: Pourtant ca s’oublie pas ce genre de chose 😉

    3. Tescolotus says:

      @Cut: je suis sur que tes chefs vont apprecier comme nous ce 1er
      exemple publi reportage de ton étude marketing contact vs NFC 😉 :mrgreen: 😆

      @Titi: ah mince si maintenant tu utilises toi aussi
      comme Loki la méthode cosplay, mais où l’on va? 😉

    4. @Tonton: Contact FTW!!!

    5. Elle est mimi avec les cheveux longs 😉


    6. Titi says:

      Je dirais même qu’elle est mieux avec les cheveux longs mais ça dépend des goûts

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